European Business Network CEO Philippe Vanrie at Città della Scienza

“For us, Città della Scienza is a fantastic integrated project, that combines regeneration of industrial areas, providing hopes and future perpsectives to young generations, embedding entrepreneurship and applied innovation in the life of every citizen and promoting the fantastic adventure of creating new things through business creation and business development”: these the words of Philippe Vanrie, CEO of European Business Network, the Eurpean network of business incubators and innovation centers, whio visited of Thursday, January 22 and Friday, January 23, the facilities of Città della Scienza. “Of course, the concept of Città della Scienza proofs that everything is linked to education, to the acquisition and sharing of knowledge: knowledge of people coming and living here but also knowledge coming from other places from all around the world. So Città della Scienza can be considered as a crossroad for exchaning ideas, projects, opportunities, difficulties and new business creation not only in the suburbs of Naples, but also in other parts of Campania and other regions of Southern Italy”.

Vanrie participated in the second edition of BAC, the club of investors and business angels hosted at Città della Scienza on January 22. Later, he has visited the Business Innovation Centre, the Science Centre and the building site of “Corporea”, the new facility of Città della Scienza.

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