From Futuro Remoto to Gravina Palace

The elements of setting up of the pavilion CITY realized for Futuro Remoto  go on display at Palazzo Gravina.

The exhibition of banners, made by students of DiARC, the Department of Architecture of Federico II, will be entitled “Boundaries in the City. From Futuro Remoto a  Palazzo Gravina” and will be inaugurated on Thursday, November 12th  at 2 pm in the Hall 21.

Opening session with the greetings of Mario Losasso, Director of DiARC, who strongly supported the idea of setting up the exhibition in the courtyard of Palazzo Gravina.

Following the presentation by Roberta Amirante and Stefano Consiglio, curators of the Pavilion CITY Futuro Remoto and the interventions of the authors.




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