GNAM MARE – new activities

Following there are new activities within Gnam Mare exhibition:

Fisherman pyramid
Experiments and observations on different varieties of fish: the microscopic structures of foods, including proteins, carbohydrates, lipids discovering the right mix to be used for an appropriate calorie intake. You will build together a food pyramid showing the healthiness and composition of various marine organisms currently on the market, and those that will appear on the next future.

A journey discovering the sea
Videos, cards and dichotomous keys, will help to identify and classify marine organisms and their organizations. For each of these organizations will then be conducted insights and observations. The organisms used in this laboratory are Porifera, molluscs, crustaceans and fish, among the most common found in the Mediterranean Sea.

From the sea to the table
dedicated to the issues of feeding education in relation to feeding organisms that inhabit the Mediterranean Sea. In this workshop we will know all the different fishing techniques, touching with hand different nets and hooks; we will talk about the seasonality of the catch, distinguishing the fresh fish from the frozen; we will talk about sustainable fisheries and biological cycles. Will finally provide insights on possible future prospects in terms of sea power.

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