Goal: Health! – June 23 and 24

Exploring co-living, not always peaceful, between our body and microorganisms…

“If it depended on me I would make health to be contagious instead of the disease”: this aphorism of Robert Ingersoll, allows us to understand how health and disease have always been two sides of the same coin. Man has had to face different kinds of illnesses over time, trying to overcome himself, his own potentialities, his own limits in order to try to defeat them or at least learn to live peacefully with them.

But a good state of health can not be separated from the prevention and the in-depth knowledge of the “natural enemies” of man, the pathogens: the micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.
Next weekend at Città della Scienza we will go to the discovery of the terrible world of diseases thanks to laboratories, demonstrations, themed guided tours, trying to understand how to prevent them and treat them .Because the main objective remains “always be healthy!”

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Every child thinks at least once becoming doctor. The idea of ​​saving lives, of healing and healing people from terrible diseases fills our hearts. But, being a doctor is a complex job … Live “A Doctor’s Day: visit patients, take measurements of vital signs, investigate the causes of possible diseases and build your personal “bag” with everything you need. You may find that the doctor is the right profession for you! What would doctors do without treatment? The vaccines are certainly among the ten inventions that have changed the history of man, marking a point in favor of the eternal struggle between man and pathogens. Let’s go over the history of the vaccine and scientific data in hand, we will understand how essential it is to get vaccinated, despite someone’s skepticism. Follow the activity “Millions of lives saved: the history of the vaccine” to reflect on one of the most discussed topics in the scientific world today.

Have you ever looked deeply your hands? Probably yes, but if you had the opportunity to increase the magnifying power of your eye at the micrometer or nanometer level you would be surprised to discover how your hands, from the palm to the fingertips, of the fingernails to the fingers are the “sweet home” of specimens of bacteria and other microscopic life forms. This is why careful cleaning of the hands with soap is a good hygiene practice. Use your hands to paint and paint imaginative landscapes in “Hands: a place of bacteria!” And do not forget to wash them at the end of the activity!

Keeping talking about invisible microorganisms, do not miss the demonstration “So small … so resistant!” – a game dedicated to bacteria and antibiotics. We will discover, using the microscope, the world of microorganisms and diseases related to them. Through the game, we will learn how antibiotics work and why we should not abuse them.

If you’re still not tired of hearing about deseas, here’s for you: Rabies, Salmonella, Toxoplasmosis, Tuberculosis, Pest and so on … What do these terrible diseases have in common? They are Zoonoses, infectious diseases that can be transmitted by animals to humans, or directly (contact with the skin, hairs, eggs, blood or secretions) or indirectly. Discover them in - Zoonosis: “bestial” diseases – because if you know them, you can prevent them!

The future is in technology!Also for this weekend, integrating the new technologies with a good dexterity discover together with your parents “Nintendo Labo“: turn a simple piece of cardboard into something different, a bike, a fishing rod, a plane or whatever you come in mind! Then, add a Nintendo Switch console to bring them to life and enjoyment is guaranteed! Win a race, catch a fish, play … With Nintendo Labo, everyone can experience the joy of building, playing and discovering. Have fun watching the workings of your creations: you could even invent new ways to play with Toy-Con!

Visit the exhibition dedicated to the sea! Find out which new fish, molluscs and crustaceans live in our tanks following the guided tour “Marine Ecosystems”. During the guide, you will have the opportunity to caress some marine organisms in our Touch pool. What an emotion! For the little ones, “Create your marine animals“, a laboratory where fish shapes are colored, inventing new species, and then, as for “magic”, make them appear and swim in a large virtual aquarium. BIT is back the most exhibit loved by adults and children! BIT! You do not know him? Come and meet him, he will answer all your scientific curiosities and not only … Where have you been in this time? What adventures will he tell you? Do not miss this appointment with “Talk to BIT”. Take part in the guided tour by “Bugs & CO”, the new exhibition space dedicated to the spectacular world of insects and more. For every man on Earth there are over 150 million insects. “The six-legged giants” have conquered almost all the habitats of our planet …. it’s time to start getting to know them better.

Magnan in the introduction to “Le Vol des Insectes:” Driven by what is done in the field of aviation, I applied to the insects the laws of air resistance and I concluded that their flight is impossible. “So in a French text of 1934, Le vol des insectes (The flight of insects) written by the entomologist Antoine Magnan; in it, the author applies the equations related to the resistance of air to insects and he obtains that their flight would be impossible, but adds that “we should not be surprised that the results of the calculations do not coincide with reality”. And in fact, today the insects are the masters in the air sector, defying all the laws, darting at great speed but with gracefulness, thanks to a powerful wing musculature. Follow the study “Beyond the laws of physics, Nature” during the guided tour of Insetti & Co.

Beyond the visits they guide a Corporea, the first interactive museum on the Human Body in Italy, the 2D show “From the Earth to the Universe – From the Earth to the Universe” to discover the most important theories elaborated by man during the time in the astronomical field up to the future perspectives, and for 3D lovers, “Robot Explorers” is waiting for you to travel together, lander and orbiter inside our solar system.

A new 2D show, free for the occasion, “Microcosm- The microcosm within us”, is scheduled Saturday and Sunday where you can “miniaturize” and be catapulted into the human body to defeat a mysterious viral infection in a raceagainst time … Will the patient survive?

Come and discover the rich program!

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