at China Day all’Expo

Smash for Italy China Innovation Forum Special Edition last June 8th, 2015 at Milan Expò. The event is dedicated to Italian agrifood excellences inaugurated by Stefania Giannini, the Italian Minister of Education, University and Research, and Wang Yang, the Chinese Vice Premier, with the participation of Gaetano Miccichè, and the General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo and Diana Bracco, President of Expo.
The event, displayed in Waterstone’s, the pavilion of Intesa Sanpaolo – in an environment inspired by the themes of sustainable and responsible development, focused on a showcase of Italian excellences all along the food supply chain, through the projection of video and the story of “testimonials” of the sector.


The closing session of the work was held by Città della Scienza CEO, Vincenzo Lipardi, who said:
“This day of work, in the splendid setting of Expo, is an important stage for the upcoming sixth edition of the Forum on Innovation between Italy and China to be held in Beijing next November. The fifth edition of the Forum was opened last October in Naples right by the Minister Stefania Giannini and ended in Milan by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. It is quite evident that cooperation between Italy and China is going ahead.

The cooperation program between Italy and China started in 2010, with the bilateral agreement between MOST the Chinese-Ministry of Science and Technology and Italian Governament, in order to work together in the field of science and technology.

In Italy there are three centres working on it: the centre for e-government (Politecnico Turin); the Center for Technology Transfer (University of Bergamo); the Center for Design (Polytechnic of Milan); as well as the Innovation Forum -the China Italy Innovation Forum- which is held annually, alternately in Italy and in China. In recent years many have signed agreements, joint programs, the projects “.



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