Halloween 2021 at Museum

Città della Scienza dedicates the long weekend of All Saints to the theme of Halloween, the Anglo-Saxon celebration that has also become popular with us and which is one of the most loved by children.
Three days of activities, workshops, demonstrations and experiments.
From Saturday 30 October 2021 to Monday 1 November in the interactive museum of Corporea many thrilling scientific activities await you, a mix of fun and knowledge typical of the museum offer of Città della Scienza that combines fun and knowledge in the belief that through play and direct experience children, but also adults, learn more things and in a more incisive way.
We celebrate Halloween in our own way, according to the mission that belongs to us and so it will be possible to participate in the following activities carried out in collaboration with Le Nuvole Scienza, Scienza in addition to the usual guided visits to the Museum of Corporea and the extraordinary shows of the Planetarium.

halloween 2021 a città della scienza


A monstrous science show! What is hidden behind the most horrendous creatures of the “fantasy”? Find out with the science communicators of Le Nuvole and remember it is absolutely forbidden to scream, tremble, close your eyes and be … afraid!

CHIMERE – interactive lab
Using imagination, imagination and a pinch of rules, participants will be able to create their own “fantastic animal”: a combination of various parts of “other” animals. The science communicators of Le Nuvole will provide five containers with the ingredients to mix their own animal species. So here is the basket of tails, that of the legs, those with a back and of course the one with the heads from which to choose but … it will not be so simple !!!
Target: from 6 years old
Reservation at the Corporea infopoint

Let yourself be taken by a terrifying attack of art and leave a trace on our Wall of Fear! Tempera colors, stencils, markers but also pigeon blood, snail slime and monkfish … on the ground floor of Corporea you will find everything you need to give free rein to your imagination. A Halloween themed creative space for toddlers from 4 years old!
Target: from 4 years old
Free access without reservation

10.45 Robot Explorer
11.30 Robot Explorer
12.15 From Earth to Universe
13.00 From Earth to the Universe
14.00 Robot Explorer
14.45 Robot Explorer
15.30 From Earth to Universe


Modalities of access and visit
From October 30 to November 1, to access the Science Centre of Città della Scienza, reservations will be required or, alternatively, the purchase of tickets online, for better compliance with antiCovid measures and offer a better visit to our audience.

The entrance is organized in two shifts:
1st shift from 09:00 to 12:45
2nd shift from 13.15 to 17.00

For safety reasons, visitors who have booked the visit in the first shift (9.00-12.45) will be able to stay inside the museum until the end of the chosen time slot: at 12.45, after which they will have to exit to allow entry to visitors booked for the next shift: 1.15 pm – 5 pm.

Tickets can be purchased online at Etes or alternatively at the ticket office of the City of Science, after reservation.


Tickets for the 2nd round can be purchased at the City of Science ticket office (for those not purchasing online) starting at 12:30 pm.
The reservation does not imply any additional cost and is compulsory also for those who are entitled to reductions or free admission. The reservation is valid only after the confirmation received by email from the Incoming Service of the City of Science.
The confirmation of the reservation must be shown at the entrance of the City of Science, together with the green pass.
For groups over 6 people the online purchase is mandatory.
For agencies and cral please contact the Contact Centre at 081.7352.222 contact@cittadellascienza.it

We remind you that the reservation reserves the entrance to the Museum, upon purchase of the ticket, but does not guarantee the availability of the Planetarium which must be verified at the Museum’s ticket office when purchasing the tickets. The Planetarium ticket can still be pre-purchased online.

All the activities offered to the public (guided tours, workshops, etc.) are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Info Point located at the entrance to the Museum.

It is compulsory for all visitors over the age of 12 to show their Green Pass and, if requested, a valid identity document. Only those who are exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification are exempt. It remains the obligation to use the mask from 6 years of age.



For adults: museum entry € 5, planetarium entry € 3, guided tour on meeting point included in museum entry ticket;
For school groups: museum admission € 5, planetarium admission € 3, guided tour/educational activity € 3;
Entrance to the planetarium only: € 5.

Tickets can be purchased online at Etes or at the ticket office of Città della Scienza.

Free admission
Children 0-3 years
Disabled people + 1 accompanying person
ICOM card holders
Health personnel
Citizens living in the district of Bagnoli (Naples)

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