Halloween party – Sunday October 29th

Dancer ghosts, licantrops, skeletons, pumpkins, zombies, and wolves. Everything makes Halloween! Città della Scienza does not miss any of the most terrifying – and fun – feast of the year. Come and discover what bubbles in the magic pot of the Great Halloween Party!

Between Autumn and Winter, between the world of the living and the world afterlife populated by spirits, ghosts and mischievous creatures. Halloween is the most magical and fun party of the year! At Città della Scienza we’ll celebrate it on Sunday, October 29th with a great party that will involve all the participants in terribly fun activities!

Let yourself be carried on a path to the most magical aspects of science. We will discover all about the wolves, the legendary wolves with the “Wolf Man” lab. We will explore the emotion of fear in all its aspects. With “Jack’s Lantern“, kids can experience creative creativity by discovering the frightening Jack or Lantern story. Who is afraid of the darkness? Let’s find out about it with “Darkness envelops you”, games of shadows, lights and magic.

With the art of origami we will chase scary gourds and fleeing ghosts, we will approach the world of spiders with a laboratory centered on observation and manualism and will form monstrous masks of zombies, witches, and wolves.

With “Dance Skeletons“, we will investigate our bones and build our skeleton. Finally, the bravest ones, who are not afraid of the Halloween “jokes”, can test their body’s potential with “The Electric Chair” to find out how much electricity can withstand our body.

Are  you enough  terrified? Find out more about our program details!


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