Auchan & Città della Scienza

From March to May 2015: 1.400 students belonging to14 secondary school placed in the that districts where there also are Auchan points (Pompei, Giugliano, Napoli-via Argine e Nola-Vulcano Buono), will have a lab on Food Education at Città della Scienza and a guided tour to the exhibition focused on the Sea: GNAM MARE. Project also includes visits to Auchan Centres with the aim of learning about mindful grocery (reading labels, production labs, food security).

All schools involved in the project Auchan will participate in a contest, proposing a paper that has as its theme Healthy Food.

By sending a video, a photo, a drawing, an audio file, a text which propose actions to correct nutrition.
To participate, simply send the material to the e-mail:
The best papers will be presented in May during an event in an Auchan gallery and all participating schools will receive a participation prize by Auchan.

Next date: March 11th.

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