HUMAN BODIES – March 24th to May 27th, 2018

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Human body on exhibition. Fascinating, mysterious, rare, it is the protagonist of the most interesting scientific and educational exhibition of the world to be displayed next March 24th to May 24th, 2018 at Città della Scienza in Naples.

A journey to discover how our body works and how to preserve and care it.

The museum project was created in 2008 by the Musealia group and curated by Rafael Latorre, professor of simple and comparative anatomy at the University of Murcia and by Virginio Garcia Martinez, professor of anatomy and human embryology of the University of Extremadura, in collaboration with  University of Tennessee.

Alessandro Cecchi Paone the scientific communicator is the exhibition testimonial.
Exhibition got the patronage of the Municipality of Naples – Department of Culture and Tourism.

A special, entertaining and educational opportunity to  know  more about the human body in Città della Scienza in  Corodglio street in Naples with the support of Next Exhibition srl , Alta Classe Project srls and Emme 3 srl, will allow the public access to content sciences that were reserved only for specialists, with simple language, in a real lesson on human anatomy. Human Bodies is perfectly in line with the mission of divulgation Città della Scienza, placing itself in close synergy in particular with Corporea, Italy’s first interactive museum on the human body, prevention and health, inaugurated last year. A visit itinerary (in Italian, English and Chinese) that unfolds in various theme islands dedicated to the different systems of the body, with particular attention to the behaviors affecting our health. The aim of Human Bodies is to promote health and longevity issues, especially among the youngest, by informing viewers about the damage of bad eating habits and wrong lifestyles. Youth, in fact, is the privileged audience of this exhibition: middle school children, students and university students aged 20-38, families and especially those interested in learning how the body works and how to keep it in perfect condition.


In Human Bodies protagonists are the bodies together with over 150 real organs, preserved through the process of plastilination, a technique that allows to preserve the human body at the time, maintaining its original real characteristics. A long and complicated process that makes all the exhibits rare. These, donated by individuals to science, are used only for scientific purposes and, once the exhibition is over, they will return to the University of Murcia as a basis for future generations of professionals in the medical field.


The exhibition of records, which has already been visited by over 40 million visitors worldwide, is divided into eight areashuman body development, the skeleton, the muscular system, the respiratory system, the digestive system, the nervous system and finally the urinary and reproductive system. As in a three-dimensional anatomy book, the life cycle is on display, from the first embryo to the creation of a new life, passing through the daily habits of men, including sport. In fact, some of the exposed bodies are of “plastinated” athletes in the athletic gesture. But even bad habits, such as alcoholism, smoking and poor diet, are exhibited by very striking examples. Because seeing with your own eyes, especially for the younger ones, can have much more strength than many words. To further enrich the contents of the exhibition, will be involved for the edition of Città della Scienza in Naples, experts of the medical and scientific world of the territory, for a cycle of in-depth conferences. In the same way, there are also connections connected to the world of wellness, for the care of the body and the spirit, through sport and healthy nutrition.


Visit includes an audio guide, included in the ticket price in several languages, with simple and effective explanations on what is presented in the exhibition.

Tickets available on Go2, Ticket One  and at the ticket office in Città della Scienza,  Coroglio street 104 Naples.

Monday to Saturday  9 - 5 pm
Sunday and holydays ore 10 -6 pm

- 12 €
-  up to 12 years , over 65 years and partners : 10 €
-  CRAL groups: 8 €
-  school: 8 €

With Human body tickets you have the right to the following rates:
€ 9 for adult ticket
€ 6 kids up to 18 years
€ 5 student ticket

With Città della Scienza ticket you have the right to the following rates for visiting Human Bodies :
-  10 € single adult ticket
- euro 7.00  student ticket

GO2 ph. 0818038382
NEXT EXHIBITION ph.. 011/19214730

The admission ticket to Human Bodies exhibition do not include the entrance ticket to Città della Scienza that can be purchased online or at the ticket office located at the entrance of Corporea.


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