Intrecci at Città della Scienza: 2nd edition of the festival of Mediterranean cuisine – September 29th to October 1st


The second edition of “Intrecci“, the festival of Mediterranean cuisine and not only will take place in Città della Scienza  from September 29th   to  October 1st, 2017. A journey to discover the flavors, traditions and cultures of other worlds.


The event is promoted by LESS Onlus and Gnam Village of Città della Scienza.

Food and traditions are the most immediate cultural expression of the peoples. A daily language made of simple gestures and actions handed down over time, winning elements in the integration paths. Knowing the culinary traditions of a people’s collective habits is the hub for solid building and intercultural dialogue. Intrecci, in fact, aims to promote an opportunity for exchange and comparison between natives and migrants; to stimulate the social protagonism of the most representative migrant communities; promoting diversity as the driving force of a changing society.

The initiative envisages the setting up of gourmet booths managed by migrant communities; workshops; laboratories for knowledge on nutrition issues, sustainable lifestyles, the characteristics of the ingredients used, held by experienced nutritionists, sociologists and food specialists. There will also be showcooking devoted to the realization of live traditional dishes. Not only food, but also debates, cinema, music and theater. The protagonists in the kitchen will be the migrant communities in the territory of Naples and the province. From the burkinabe community to the thick Ukrainian community, visitors will be able to taste dishes prepared according to original recipes from Somalia, Cuba and Morocco. In addition, Intrecci will launch a collaboration with Earth of All Film Festival.

The event – completely self-financed – has no profit and the proceeds will be donated to the SOS Supporters Association Santobono Hospital.

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