at Città della Scienza

nove 2016 - coopstartup

29 and 30 november at Città della Scienza there will be the fourth National Meeting Coopstartup; this year’s theme are the connections in a perspective of connect, put together, and create value through idea, competences, values, projects and above all people sharing.
During the event organized by Coopstartup in partnership with Coopfond, Legacoop and Città della Scienza, cooperatives startups and participants will compare with experts on the themes of training and entrepreneurship, financing, development, innovation and territorial impact.
They will be two day of meetings, follow-up, and concrete histories of exchange and comparison of experiences focused on new cooperation which aim is to realize long-lasting qualitative enterprise projects.
Here’s the Web site with the program, speakers, cooperative startups involved, and practical information:  http://connessioni.coopstartup.it
To join the event register here: http://connessioni.coopstartup.it/#iscrivi

Programma Connessioni 2016-page-001
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