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Scienza Illumina will be open until May 31st, 2016 a scientific and artistic path focusing on light as a starting point for thinking on the major issues of sustainability, development and innovation.

La Scienza Illumina is an exhibition realized in occasion of the International Year of Light by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Rome, La Sapienza museum pole, INFN, Mondo Digitale Foundation, Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza and Le nuvole theatre.

It is realized by a team made up of teachers, makers, artists, and technology experts in order to show Light in all its aspects.
Divided into three main sections (geometrical optics, physical optics and quantum mechanics), the exhibition includes interactive installations and performances.

Light plays a key role in our daily lives and is an extraordinary tool for a cross scientific investigation in 21st century: revolutioning medicine, opening the international communication on Internet, and keeps being to connect cultural, economic, and political aspects of global society.

Special for schools:

It is addressed for students from primary school fourth classes to high school.

Booking necessary

Info to Città della Scienza Contact Centre


Ph: 081.7352.258 – 081.7352.259 – 081.7352.220 – 081.7352.222


La Scienza Illumina - Una mostra, uno spettacolo, tante storie

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Scientific Project

Giovanni Organtini

 Project Group

Sara Adesso, Paola Ballario, Francesco Bianchi, Giovanna Boumis, Valentino Catricalà, Carlo Coletta, Emiliano Cristiani, Teresa D’Alessandro, Elvira De Matthaeis, Vladimiro Ercolino, Maurizio Falcone, Carla Giusti, Antonio Ianiero, Michele Lustrino, Michele Macrì, Laura Maggi, Massimo Margotti, Valentina Martinelli, Adriana Erica Miele, Catia Peduto, Francesco Piacentini, Giovanna Serino, Cecilia Stajano, Paola Vittorioso.

Sapienza University of Rome

Faculty of Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences

Museum Pole Sapienza

Mondo Digitale Foundation

National Institute ofNuclear Physics

‘Waves e particles’

INFN Communication

Concept: Vincenzo Napolano and Francesca Scianitti



Institute forApplied Mathematics

Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza

Carla Giusti, Rossella Parente

Le Nuvole Theatre

Salvatore Fruguglietti, Enrico de Capoa, Gaetano di Maso



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