On Saturday, April 13 the Science Centre will restart its exhibitions

Wednesday, March 13

Vittorio Silvestrini, president of Città della Scienza, has announced today that in exactly a month, on Saturday, April 13, the Science Centre will restart its exhibitions, albeit at a reduced size, for the first time after the fire of March 4. “This is not just a symbolic event, Silvestrini said, even if I see the exemplar result of our choice. In particular, we will reopen, in the areas overlooking the Conference Center, which has definitely not been affected by the fire, an exhibition area dedicated to children, who have been the hardest hit by the violence of the fire, expressing their affection but also a lot of proposals sensible and reasonable. There will be BIT, our mascotte, as well as workshops and outdoor exhibits, educational laboratories for schools. We can recover 2,000 square meters of exhibition space: not too much, if compared to the Science Centre went up in smoke, but enough to start again”.

The re-opening is possible thanks to the work of the staff of the Città della Scienza, which, after the shock, is immediately back at work, as well as to the donations of many who, in these days, have supported Città della Scienza: the Industrial Union, the CEINGE, the Campanian Universities, the Neapolitan Curia, the RAI.

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