Iran – Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Forum opening in Tehran

Inaugurato a Teheran l’Iran - Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Forum

The first edition of Iran – Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Forum opened today in Tehran,  a wide Program for the Internationalization of  Research and Innovation Systems representing a platform to boost scientific, economic and cultural exchanges between Italy and Iran.

After the end of Economic sanctions and according to the will of building a bridge of peace and cooperation, the Forum is an action of scientific diplomacy, a permanent platform to connect universities, research centers, science parks and innovative companies. The Program is coordinated by Città della Scienza , on behalf of the MIURMinistry of Education, University and Research  - and MaeciMinistry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in collaboration with the National Research Council and Confindustria.

The Italian delegation, led by Valeria Fedeli, Minister of Education, University and Research, includes about 200 delegates representing 150 Reality Including the National Research Council, dozens of universities, main research institutions as well as business  companies and start-ups from Italy together with over 600 Iranian realities. Busines-to-business meeting agenda is extremely full of dates : 49 tables for about 400 scheduled meetings. Two active Italian Regions  in the field of the internationalization of innovative themes and Economic Development. At the opening they were present the Regional Councilor for Economic Development of Lazio Region, Guido Fabiani, and the Ministry for Innovation, Internationalization and start up of the Campania Region, Valeria Fascione. To emphasize the central role in the competitive development processes at the global level is played by industry 4.0,  D.RE.A.M. FabLab of Città della Scienza and Iran FabLab are present as part of the activities scheduled for tomorrow  April 20th , 2017, that will promote an experimental workshop on the subject of digital technologies, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and design.

The Minister of Science and Technology of Iran, Mohammad Farhadi, pointed out that “with the choice of starting a true bilateral Cooperation Plan, Italy is launching a concrete bridge of peace in an area hit by war and instability showing how it is  possible to reverse the trends and work for peace.

“I am strongly sure- said Valeria Fedeli, Minister of Education, University and Research – occasions like this are essential for community advancement of knowledge and learning, for sighting the most difficult challenges or, better, using the words of a great Persian poets who was also a great scientist, Omàr Khayyàm of Nishapur, to elevate ‘the head to higher horizons’ “.

 Vahid Ahmadi, Iranian Deputy Minister for Research and Technology, focused on the  4.5 million students, of which 100 thousand graduate students, and 39 scientific parks Iranians to highlight how the country  is ready to scientific cooperation. “This forum – he said Ahmadi –  must  promote applied research on key themes as  biomedicine, biotechnology, medicine, sustainable energy and archeology.” Within the framework of agreements between CNR and the MSRT, Ahmadi stressed that “time is ready to work in  ambitious fields like astrophysics , astronomy and aerospace. Now it is necessary to  push on the trade sector  of Research and Science in order to make it grow, based on the current Good Practices”.

The forum – said Vincenzo Lipardi,  General Secretary of Città della Scienza - wants to be an operational tool, but also a bridge to link the two countries, creating a cultural, scientific and technological cooperation. Of course, in order to support the  trade, we need  in terms of technology transfer, involving different public and private actors involved in that chain – from research to the invention, the exploitation of patents. Both of our countries, actors of our technological civilization, who come from great traditions and millennia of history, as evidenced by the many archaeological sites and museums that are relayed and that can be exploited in deeper extent through the use of modern technologies. We are here together, Italians and Iranians, to build roads and aqueducts like the old civilization, learning from our history and looking to the future. “

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