Luigi and Laura De Filippo from Parioli Theatre of Rome inaugurate a new multimedia classroom

On Thursday, November 21 Luigi and Laura De Filippo paid a visit at Città della Scienza. Mr and Mrs De Filippo were the organizers of a charity event, held on May 10 at the Parioli Theatre in Rome whose they are owners, to raise funds for the reconstruction of the Science Center. Thanks to those funds has been possible to realize a multimedia classroom based on the use of new technologies for teaching, which opened today.

The event was attended by the President of the National Association of Drama Critics, Prof. Giulio Baffi, who is also a founding member of Città della Scienza, and by the students of the Marco Polo School of Calvizzano, accompanied by the headmistress Prof. Armida Scarpa.

TGR Campania – 22 november 2013

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