Online Laboratory “Heaven in your room” 15 November 2020

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The sky – a mysterious space constantly changing between day and night, with its clouds, planets and stars – has always fascinated man and today more than ever we feel the need to look up to the sky.
Waiting to see you again, stay in touch with us and take part in a fun online workshop where you can find out what are the constellations that populate the celestial vault with the help of the virtual planetarium, understand how and why the constellations observable in the sky change with the seasons and build a true heavenly projector with materials readily available at home!

15 novembre copertina

Sunday 15 november 2020 on live Facebook Città della Scienza page
Duratation 45’
For children over 6 years full of imagination!

Download the list of the material you need before the live broadcast and have fun building the projector with your favorite constellation!

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