Open BioMedical Initiative Meeting, April 11th and 12th, 2015.

On April 11th and 12th, 2015 the Open BioMedical Initiative (OBM), will be officially presented at Città della Scienza. OBM is a nonprofit organization structured in a globalcommunity active in the field of the application to the Biomedical technologies for low-cost, open source and 3D printing.
The aim is to create an active community in the field of Biomedical, formed by people who share the passion, curiosity, knowledge, creativity. A community that offers low cost and open source technological applications, introducing where possible the use of 3D printing. The OBM also wants to create a vast network structured on several levels and made up of active members (in the continued rapid growth as it is a community open to all) as well as additional elements as individuals, FabLab, Makerspace, innovative technology companies, research centers and NGOs that can support the development of projects and facilitate their spread.


On April 11th, at 2pm there will be the official presentation of the Open BioMedical Initiative: its projects, the organization and the innovative vision will be presented by OBM Initiative and its partners (Città della Scienza, Sharebot and 3DItaly), working together to provide support to Biomedical and make it accessible to all. To attend the meeting, for organizational reasons, you must book your ticket on EventBrite

April 12th there will be free workshops on myoelectric hand and neonatal incubator

Saturday April 11th, 2015 starting from 2 pm
- L’Open BioMedical (OBM) Initiative: future is in our hands
- OBM Initiative and Città della Scienza
- 3D Print
- Sharebot and 3D made in Italy
- 3DItaly: not only store, but ideas network
- OBM Initiative projects
- Special Guest

Sunday April 12th, 2015
- Presentation of BioMedical (OBM) Initiative, Sharebot and 3DItaly
- Presentation and demonstration, myoelectric hand
- Presentation of neonatal incubator
- Presentation and practical workshop on assembly of mechanical prostheses

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