Orbitecture, spatial spacecraft project, July 6th at 5.30 pm in 3D Planetarium

orbitecyture banner
After two years of study  Center for Near Space dell’Italian Institute for the Future presents to the public the OrbiTecture project, the concept of a revolutionary spatial spacecraft designed to accommodate up to a hundred people in orbit and act as a hub for future travels to Moon and Mars.
A unique project in Italy and Europe, designed to open a debate with civil society about the future of space in the human environment, making it more inclusive and participative. A nonprofit project, backed by a crowdfunding campaign (ending June 17th), finally presents civil society with a new habitual idea of the Fourth Environment of Man.The initiative will be held on Thursday, July 6th at 5.30 pm in the new Planetarium of Città della Scienza in Naples.The event is free but limited, booking is required.
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