Over 1500 people for the Big Carnival Party

Over 1500 people attended the Big Carnival Party. Children and their parents were welcomed by a dance of a beautiful Dragon, performed by the athletes of the school ASD TENG LONG San Giorgio a Cremano in Naples, which announced to all the Chinese New Year 2015. For the Celebration of the Year of the Goat children had the opportunity to see the beauty and the characteristics of this mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac, associated with strength, health, harmony and luck. Through a laboratory of Chinese calligraphy they learned the harmonious character of Chinese writing.

Inside the gallery there were painting workshops as well as biological labs where researchers explained animal and plant world, and talked about the mimicry of fish and insects. Expert instructors of archery and fencing have taught children the basics of these sports.

And of course costumes for adults and children, costume parades, clowns, decorations, inflatable, musicals.

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