Over 3000 people visited Città della Scienza during Befana Party

Over 3000 people attended the Befana Party getting, as every year, the unmissable appointment of the city.

A successful event to celebrate Befana between science and fun, who, together with numerous elves, gifted hundreds of children with many socks full of sweets and candies.

Lots of activities and workshops in the program attended by visitors including the 2D Live show “The Christmas Stars”, organized by the Neapolitan Astronomers Union, which led to the discovery of the constellations that dominate the winter nights and the sky under which the Magi traveled over two thousand years ago and the magic show with the Soap Bubbles of Scacco Matto that enchanted adults and children.

The big Befana party closed the Christmas calendar of the activities of Città della Scienza museum visited by many tourists and families participated, spending days full of fun and also of a lot of science and knowledge.

Grande Festa Aspettando la Befana 2020

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