Places – Cities of Scientific Culture Focus on transport and mobility

At Città della Scienza of Naples, on Sunday 24th February  at 12:00 pm, as part of the European project Places – Cities of Scientific Culture (funded by the Seventh Framework Programme), will take place a meeting between experts and citizens on the issue of transport and mobility.

The Places project – which sees the active role of the Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza – provides a series of measures direct to involve citizens, researchers and public administrators to integrate science and technology in everyday life and in the local or regional governance. Places focuses on themes and topics of social importance and wants to encourage dialogue on these issues between citizens, researchers and local authorities. The topic of mobility is central in the social organization and in the life of individuals and also has implications for the environment and land management.

Sustainable mobility is a system that allow the assertion of the right to mobility and at the same time is able to contain the fallout affecting the society and the environment. In order to minimize the social, environmental and economic costs of mobility (accidents, air and noise pollution, congestion, degradation of public spaces, use of the land) you must plan your mobility. Such planning can not ignore participative actions of all parties involved in the system.

The event will offer the opportunity for involvement of citizens, by means of dialogue and active participation. Visitors of Città della Scienza, in fact, will meet experts of the mobility coming from academic world and civic associations and there will be an informal conversation, in which all are experts, even if  from different positions and points of view. The discussion will be introduced and stimulated by a theatrical reading.


They were asked:

• Fabio Cocifoglia – Writer, director and actor, Le Nuvole
• Luca D’Acierno – Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering – University of Naples Federico II
• Antonio Daniele – Cicloverdi of Campania
• Paola Empires – FILT, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Area of Naples and Regional Secretary
• Diego Pompeo – Ciclofficina Massimo Troisi
• Rosary Stornaiuolo – President of Federconsumatori Campania

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