Presentation of Na.Li.Lab projects at Città della Scienza

Today 13rd October, in Saffo room at Città della Scienza it has been the presentation of Na.Li.Lab projects – an innovative space where professionals of different education (biologists, biotechnoligists, communicators, economists, pharmacists, grafics, designers, engineers, and mathematics) are engaged in the co-creation and co-generation of innovative projects in health field. Na.Li.Lab arises in synergy with  academic and entrepreneurial partners, it has been founded during the high training course “eHealthLearn: ICT for ealth”, promoted by University of Napoli Federico II and by University of Salerno – introduced projects are: DES (Drone Emergency Service) a project born to simplify drugs delivery in places difficult to reach via street, utilizing drones: the idea derives from the necessity to carry drugs fastly and reducing costs in mountain and valley places located in Italian territory, characterized by a difficult accessibility via street; HOURGLASS is a project focused on the realization of scientifics interactive and itinerant exhibit aiming to talk about science in a simply way using augmented reality. Hourglass has decided to inaugurate its activity with 9MeSi1ViT@, an exhibition which will guide the exploration phases from the conception to the birth; NAVì is a software to simulate a rehabilitation therapy for patients with specific language disease installed on a mobile device (tablet). H&R – HOME & RENT is an app which target is to provide a service to improve and the management of orthopedics aids rent through a web mobile app supporting the whole rehabilitation period with the help of a pool of professionals on demand and with a community where users may compare their experience; GLOW is a project idea aiming to improve daily quality life of people having diabetes, through an innovative device able to monitor glucose levels continuously and not invasively by means of a sensorized cuff the patient can control his glycemia levels also during sport activities. During the presentation there has been Mariangela Contursi, Head of Business Innovation Centre of Città della Scienza, Massimo Varrone Coordinator of Business Innovation Centre, Chiara Maiorino, Technological Transfer Centre of Bic, Giuseppe De Pietro, President of Ehealthnet , Giulia Antonucci, President of BeMint and experts of the sector to connect young team with exsisting realities.

Moltissime immagini sono riprese dalla pagina Facebook di Na.Li.Lab. 

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