International Announcement Design Contest for the New Science Centre

On Tuesday, November 25 at 3.30 pm, at the Press Conference Room of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, was held the press conference, organized by the group of MEPs supporting Città della Scienza after the fire of March 4, 2013, to present the International Announcement Contest for the architectural design of the new Science Centre of Città della Scienza. The competition marks the starting point of the reconstruction’s process of the Science Museum in Naples, destroyed in 2013 by an arson which has aroused a wide wave of international solidarity .

Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Parliament, said: “Città della Scienza is a flagship of Campania and Italy. I had the opportunity to confirm it by myself by visiting its Incubator as Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for Industry. It is a groundbreaking facility, a technological centre of excellence in technology, industry, science and research. Since there is no economic growth without research and innovation, we are very happy to be able to present today the announcement of an international contest for the reconstruction of the Science Centre of Città della Scienza, which will continue to be more and more a centre expression of Italian and European quality and competence”.

Vincenzo Lipardi, Chief Executive Officer of Città della Scienza, attending the press conference with councilor Antonino Magliulo, declared: “On April 9, 2013, the European Parliament held a beautiful session in Brussels. At that time many MEPs from various countries encouraged us to not give up and to quickly start the reconstruction of Città della Scienza. The session was closed by Commissioner Antonio Tajani and has among its promoters Andrea Cozzolino, Patrizia Toia and other friends of Città della Scienza; the same people that today have organized this nice press conference. The design contest that we present today is the result of a joint work with the offices of the City of Naples, the Superintendency and the Agency of Public Works, together with all the signatory institutions of the Agreement for the reconstruction. It is not a minor detail the contribution of the Campania Region, which has allocated more than 34 million euros thanks to the determination of the President Caldoro and Prof. Trombetti”.

Andrea Tomasi, President of the Italian Foundation of Architects and Engineers INARCASSA, explained the international announcement contest emphasizing in particular the opening to young architects and engineers, for a real promotion of their ideas and skills.

Andrea Cozzolino in his speech stressed that “this announcement and the action of Città della Scienza show that there is a possible exit from the complaints of these years. Città della Scienza is a symbol with different meanings, all of them in the same direction: to mark a process of revitalization and rebirth of Naples. The project for relaunch of Bagnoli’s area must be rethought with a strategic plan able to guarantee a future development, linked to the capacity to generate income and revenues. So, we have to project ourselvers in a more European and international context. A choice that, through the recovery of the existing industrial archeology, could attract industries and research centers for innovation, by improving the sustainability of the planned urban park and a credible development of a tourism industry and related activities. I believe in this view: updating management models, working in synergy with the European institutions and with the tools they make available, to show to private entities the strength and potential of the investment, putting them in the optimal conditions to participate actively in these processes and to provide an added value through which it will be possible to guarantee results up to the beauty and the importance of our heritage”.

Lorenzo Cesa declared his satisfaction for the result achieved and said: “The importance of seeing here today parliamentarians from different political parties testifies not only the value of the common goal, that is the reconstruction of the Science Centre of Città della Scienza, but also the fact that politics is able to overcome conflicts and controversies. Today in Strasbourg we celebrate an importante page of good politics”.

“I was Regional Assessor for Productive Activities of the Campania Region – said Fulvio Martusciello – and in that role I have often been able to appreciate the role of Città della Scienza not just as a center of excellence in the promotion of scientific culture, a unique reality in Italy, but also an innovative model to boost local economic development, with its Incubator, its focus on start-ups, its work to link research and industry. In this sense, the important investment that Campania Region has made available for the reconstruction of the Science Centre testifies of a similar commitment for the relaunch of the entire area of Bagnoli, whose contribution to the economic recovery of Naples and Campania is absolutely strategic”.

Guido Trobetti, Vice-President of the Campania Region, said: “This is an extremely important day for Città della Scienza, for Naples and Italy. Today, thanks to the extraordinary commitment and passion of Vittorio Silvestrini and the entire Città della Scienza, this Italian center of excellence can restart. I am proud to say that Campania Region has done its part to achieve this remarkable milestone of culture and civilization that shows how Naples and Campania can be highly competitive in the field of innovation and knowledge”.

The design contest is promoted by Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza, with the support of the Italian Foundation of Architects and Engineers INARCASSA, and as a distinctive feature, it has been drafted to stimulate the participation of young architects. The contest is open to all the architects and engineers who are resident in a Member State of the European Union and in the member countries of WTO.

The notice was published in the European Official Journal no. OJ / S S218 and in the Italian Official Gazette no. 130. Complete notice and attachments are available on

International Competition Announcement for the design of the new Science Centre

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