The Group of the History of Physics (GSDF) and Association for Physics Teaching (AIF) from 2001 organizes every year a training aimed at teachers of Physics and Mathematics of the secondary schools, university students and PhD students interested. For 2016, the chosen theme is “On the history of astronomy: the twentieth century. Tools, discoveries, theories.” The venue will be the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago from February 22nd to 26th in 2016.
The motivations in the choice of the theme are manifold: first of all to deal with a subject, astronomy, certainly fascinating and strong impact on the young generation.
There are also close links between the History of Physics and Astronomy that; since ancient times both sciences are connected giving life to structures for the construction of images of the world and, right in the twentieth century, we have highlighted new and deeper relationship.
The hope is then to help provide an overall picture and give at least some food for thought and useful indications for further investigations.
More info on the website of the Group of the History of Physics, GSDF, of the AIF and the Facebook page.

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