Smart Education & Technology Days – 3 Days for the School is the main event focused on the world of School and  teaching innovation  realized in Italy, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, Città della Scienza and the Ministry of Education of Campania Region, in collaboration with the Campania Regional School Office.

An annual event, which arrives in 2017 at the XV edition (25th -27th October, 2017), dedicated to teachers and schools manager, students, educators and trainers who have the opportunity to get in touch with  institutions, experts , research centres, associative and professional institute, companies producing goods and services for the world of education, teaching and training.

The format includes:

  • A wide program of scientific and methodological seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops and multidisciplinary laboratories of teaching innovation on issues of topical and scientific interest, attended by scientists, teachers, representatives of institutions, universities, associations and companies.
  • WORD TO SCHOOLS and PICNIC of  Science, two exhibitions dedicated to the of the experience  realized by several Italian  schools as part of educational and research projects.
  • An exhibition area where institutions, research organizations, universities, companies, publisgers, natural parks, accommodation and associations have the opportunity of introduce their activities; inside the exhibition, the Salon of Educational Technology, a comprehensive exhibition of technological innovations supporting Teaching.


Smart Education & Technology Days -  XIV edizione 2016


The main goal for 2017 is to strengthen the role of Città della Scienza  as a reference point for the world of digital school for business companies  who invest in the school and education, that is the place where the future of knowledge stands, promoting scientific and technological culture, and making teachers and students the real protagonists.


The convention  got the goal of networking the excellence of the Italian school that works. Last edition  in 2016 was attended, in the three days, by 15,000 participants, of which about 10,000 teachers from schools, coming from all Italian regions, 3,000 students from schools; 250 exhibitors and 300 talkers, including representatives of national and local authorities, institutions, research centers, universities, schools, associations and companies.  Great importance to the extraordinary participation of 135 schools coming from different Italian regions that  were the real stars of the event through Word to schools and PICNIC of science. Likewise  several  startups promoted by young entrepreneurs who are developing applications and products for the digital school and showed  the vitality of a constantly evolving sector.

The edition 2017

The fifteenth edition of Smart Education & Technology Days – three days for the school, that will display next October 25th  to 27th in Città della Scienza wants to be a place of research, meetings, dialogue for all those involved in education. Three days with influential talkers in plenary sessions to share suggestions and educational connections on main issues, seminars to explore the latest studies and research in the field of education of the XXI century, workshops to present and exchange experiences and best practices and round table to open a dialogue with cultural and divergent visions approaches. In this edition, as always, there will be open a big  window on schools of Italy, to introduce current  projects and experiences animating discussions, debates and exchange of opinions and, as usual, it will not be directed only at schools but to all those who, for various reasons, are interested in the education and training issues.

The topics of  next edition should be:

• Teaching for skills

• Special Educational Needs and inclusive education

• Educational Robotics: a teaching method that combines innovation and education.

• Safety and prevention in schools

It must also take into account the changes required by the knowledge society and the implications arising from new technologies, rethinking new spaces for learning and working on educational connections between formal and informal education. How can the change faced up? Our educational practices and school represent the vision of society we want to live in? these and many others are the questions that will be investigated by  fifteenth edition of Smart Education & Technology Days – 3 days for the school whose theme is INCLUSION. The event will be preceded by a series of meetings in various Italian cities of central and southern regions (Lazio, Puglia, Calabria, Abruzzo, Sicily, Basilicata, Molise, Toscana) between March and May 2017, to launch the call and present the main contents.

For information

School office:  ph 081 7352 255

Contact Centre: ph 081 7352 220-222-258-259

Educational Innovation Office  ph 081 7352 260

XIV Edition Report  
XV Edition 

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