Special Carnival party – Città della Scienza, Sunday February 11th

We are waiting for you on Sunday 11th February with your children, masked or not,  for a special Carnival celebration alltogether! Among balloons, streamers and several activities you will be welcomed by our animators and scientific communicators to get in the atmosphere of the party and led you in laboratories, scientific demonstrations, magic shows and games dedicated to the theme of Carnival.



Free Entry for children from 10 to 2 pm 

Adults € 10
Kids – teenagers (3-17 years) and over 65 € 7

Adults and kids € 5

Adults € 13
Kids – teenagers (3-17 years) and over 65 € 10



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Science Show: Chemistry of colours
11 am in Archimede hall

Carnival is the festival of colors. Masks, costumes and jokes are characterized by the explosion of variegated colors. Using test tubes, pipettes, mysterious solutions we will create liquids that change color and we will find that what seem to us to be magic is nothing more than chemical reactions!

By Nuvole scientific communicators 

Science Show: Animated disguises: the mimicry of living beings
12  Archimede Hall

Animals disguised as plants, plants that disguise themselves as animals … in nature it is always Carnival! Let’s find out what are the most surprising disguises in nature and let us be surprised by the endless extravagance shown off by the constant struggle for survival. 

By Nuvole scientific communicators 

Painting workshops “Masks and emotions”: creative activity, differentiated by age groups, focused on face expressiveness. 
With painting and colors, children and their carers will be able to create faces and masks with the expressions they prefer, sticking to the ideas or transforming them according to their creativity.

- My eyes: for children aged 3 to 6 years.

– Between beautiful, ugly and pareidolia: for children aged 6 to 11 years. 

Carnival Sculptures
Lab on recycle for creating objects using creativity

Carnival dates how calculating Carnival date 
Activities on the lunar phases

Do you know? - Curiosities about Carnival

Games and fun activities by  “Lacci Sciolti” in the Gallery

Big show in  Newton hall – 1 pm
Visual comedy magic by Francesco La marca
Discovering Magic

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