Telecom Italia Foundation for Città della Scienza

On March 4th, 2013 the Science Centre of Città della Scienza of Naples was destroyed by an arson depriving young people, citizens and the scientific community to a point reference for innovation, technology and the dissemination of scientific culture. The reconstruction of the Science Centre is an important sign of a country that care about culture and science. There was a strong adhesion and participation of the scientific community, national and international institutions as well as the whole citizenship . Telecom Italia Foundation supports the reconstruction of the Science Centre through a contribution by which it was possible to realize a multimedia area supporting the activities of innovative teaching and training. This project is part of the reconstruction activities provided by Città della Scienza, including the opening, by the end of 2015, of the Museum of the Human Body – Body and Dome / Planetarium; and the start of the reconstruction work of the Science Centre on the site of the building hit by fire.

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