Tribute to Moebius (1938-2012)

A strip that has only one face, one area: a superb optical illusion, but a reality in the topology, the last frontier of geometry. It was invented by the German mathematician August Möbius and from there, decades later, a designer of great talent, the Frenchman Jean Giraud, decided to choose “Moebius” as his nickname. In his work Moebius – who died last March 10 in Paris – has infused all the visionary idea of this magic strip. On “Métal Hurtlant”, the revolutionary French quarterly, Moebius published his illustrated stories of fantasy and science fiction, along with other big names such as Philippe Druillet and Alejandro Jodorowski, with whom he signed the famous comic The Incal.

Città della Scienza hosted in 2000 an exhibition of Moebius’ works, including a representation of the chimney that stands on our Science Centre. Città della Scienza pays a tribute to the genius of Moebiuis, a great visionary of Fantasy, dedicating an exhibition of illustrations to be held next Sunday, March 18, with works by artists of science fiction that started their career driven by the inspiration of Moebius.

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