UniCredit “+Valore”, acceleration and escalation path for 100 Soth Startups’ growth.


Next Monday June 12th,  at E-hall in Città della Scienza, at 9.30 am, there will be the press conference of UniCredit “+Valore”, acceleration and escalation path for 100 Soth Startups’ growth. The aim of the initiative is to help stimulate the Southern ecosystem and increase the enterprise culture on the issues of digitization and internationalization to better address the challenges digital transformation, innovation, internationalization and business finance.

Day Program:

09:30: Press Conference

Round Table “4.0 Industry opportunities and challanges of knowledge”


Vincenzo LipardiCittà della Scienza CEO;

Elena Goitini UniCredit General Director;

Gaetano Manfredi, Rector of University of Naples Federico II;

Eugenio Di SciascioRector of Bari  Polytechnic, 

Lucio d’Alessandro, Rector of University Suor Orsola Benincasa Naples,

Antonio Ferraioli,UniCredit and  AD La Doria Spa.

Moderator: Dario Del Porto (La Repubblica-Napoli):

10:30 am : New growth geography 

Moderator: Ferdinando Natali – UniCredit South  Corporate Manager

10:45 am: Innovation and Internazionalization as growth elements

Mario Raffa – University Federico II

11:05 am: Case study: Sophia High Tech

Antonio Caraviello – CEO Sophia High Tech

11:20 am : Globalization, Market and Strategies

Daniela La Foresta - University Federico II

11:40 am: China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Program

Vincenzo Lipardi – Città della Scienza CEA

12 pm :  Case Study: Besana Group/La Doria Spa/ Harmont & Blaine Spa

Interviene: Giuseppe Calcagni/Antonio Ferraioli/Domenico Menniti (intervista a confronto)

12:30 pm: UniCredit and Internationalization

Alessandro Paoli – UniCredit International Center Italy

Ore 12:50: Closing

Ferdinando Natali – UniCredit South  Corporate Manager

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