Visit of a Chinese delegation of Anhui Association for Science & Technology

On Monday, November 17 Città della Scienza hosted a delegation from Anhui Association for Science & Technology, emanation of the China Association for Science and Technology, which plays an important role in the Anhui Province in the promotion and development of international partnerships in science and technology. Purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation with this province, a territory with a population of 68 million inhabitants and companies specialized in electronics and ICT, automotive and petrochemical industry, light and naval industry.

The Director General of Città della Scienza, Luigi Amodio, and the Head of Strategic Marketing, Valeria Fascione, explained the activities of Città della Scienza in the fields of science and technology and its internationalization activities with China. After the meeting, a cooperation framework agreement was signed to promote specific programs of collaboration between Italy and the Province of Anhui.

Very interested in the area of business development, the delegation visited the incubator of Città della Scienza and met the company Oceanix. Finally, a meeting was held at the new hub of Bagnoli, the Factories of Knowledge Area, the first settlement of post-incubation in Southern Italy, created by Città della Scienza and Area Tech Coroglio. This was the first visit to the hub by a foreign delegation, less than a week after the official inauguration of November 12. The Chinese delegation had the opportunity to meet some of the new companies that have successfully passed the stage of incubation at Città della Scienza.

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