Week End July 1st and 2nd

On the occasion of the World Day of Kiss, which is celebrated on July 6th, Città della Scienza offers a weekend focused on the sweetest activity : the kiss. A special path through Corporea’s exhibits, we will discover everything about kisses: their origin, the benefits of receiving or kissing, the effects of kisses on our hormones and the brain, and so many other curiosities.

Also, do not miss the new 2D show of the Planetarium “From Earth to the Universe”, for a wonderful trip between the myths and mysteries of the night sky and guided tours of the insect house, to welcome our new guests: a couple of African dry leaf mantis, the beautiful Philippine leaf insects and the extraordinary yellow and black ants of South Africa,

Finally, special insights to have fun and learn:  fachiro’s bed, a challenge for the bravest; heartbeat, to hear how our heart beats; Wow! Gulp! Sob! A sea of ​​emoticons, to discover the face of emotions and dance, to understand how our bones and muscles move.

Information and  booking are online or in a ticket office.

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