Welcome Winter!
Sunday, January 8

On Sunday, January 8, come to the Science Centre and discover the life in the coolest climates, through a series of scientific demonstrations. During the day, you will know what happens when the temperature drops, and which are the biologic mechanisms put on the line. Moreover, it will be shown what happens when water turns into ice and how to limit the heat exchange with outside.

Thanks to an expert, you will discover what are the species which suffer sudden changes in temperature and the more opportunistic ones, that is the species which profit by the situation for taking up spaces and consuming resources to the detriment of the weaker ones. Some of these opportunistic species are already here, among us, while other are preparing the invasion: this can be the opportunity to discover them and prepare ourselves on their arrival!

During the day, at the Children’s Workshop will held workshops for learning to build small meteorological instruments.

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