The Inflatable Planetarium

Our Planetarium does not die with the fire, but finds its ideal continuation in an Inflatable Planetarium, kindly offered by the Scientific Museums of Rome Capital, a space of 6 meters in diameter, a projection system similar to that operating in the large domes of the most important Planetarium in the world. This itinerant space for the communication of astronomy enriches the cultural offerings of Città della Scienza, as it is dedicated to the public of children. On planning there are two specific ad-hoc performances for an audience of children aged 3 to 10 years old: “Eyes to the sky” and a “Journey into the cosmos”. Shows are scheduled every 40 minutes.

For this Planetarium, in addition to the opto-mechanical tool, a management software has been implemented, with the introduction of a digital control system and an optical control system of audiovisual materials to support the experience of the Planetarium. It is therefore possible to show the celestial vault of both hemispheres with the simultaneous casting of synthetic images that can be managed in real time.

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