PLANETARIUM – The biggest and most advanced 3D Planetarium of Italy

A charming journey discovering Universe. Stars, planets, galaxies, universe…and much more!!!

Planetario 3D di Città della Scienza

The new Palnetarium of Città della Scienza, the most advanced of Italy, is an extraordinary attraction to enjoy special shows on the Universe mysteries and much more. Planetarium is also a simulator of the sky, an educational tool for learning astronomy by reproducing the sky and astronomical objects that populate the universe.
3D Planetarium of Città della Scienza  is the largest  and most advanced one of Italy. It has a diameter of 20 meters,120 seats, and one of the most advanced technologies in the world. The most recent technologies and the special position of the dome provide an effect of complete involvement of the viewer, thanks to acoustics that will guarantee the public a unique spectacle of the universe and enveloping.

The planetarium offers shows and movies to be immersed in a night sky, discover the stars from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers getting to large current telescopes, know how to protect the starry skies from light pollution, retrace missions to the moon, follow the travels of probes and spacecraft that have explored our Solar System, or even explore the dark matter to understand why the universe is as it appears, where we come from, and how it has evolved in billions of years.
But the facility will also function as a 3D cinema, with spectacular film in 3D with which you can travel in the history of ancient peoples and modern and discover the wonders of nature, archeology and history.


Connecting people, spreading knoweldge and entertaining are the goals of the Planetarium activities equipped by a digital projection system – the Digistar 6 of Evans & Sutherland – most advanced technologies and constantly animated by a rich program of scientific events dedicated to astrophysics, astronomy and aerospace technology developed in collaboration with leading research centers and international agencies, such as NASA, the Italian Space Agency, ESA, ESO, etc.

Planetario Città della Scienza Digistar
Planetario Città della Scienza - show


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robot explorer

(3D Show )
Since the end of the twentieth century, man has begun to launch unmanned probes to the most remote places in the Solar System. During this show we will discover how these technological jewels have allowed us to enlarge the horizons of our knowledge in an unimaginable way. Today the exploration continues: what other mysteries will the Explorers Robot reveal to us?
Age: from 6 years

 Evans & Sutherland


Dalla Terra all'Universo

terra universo

(2D Show)
The desire to understand the Universe has been animating man since ancient time. The myths of the ancients and modern scientific theories are different expressions of the attempt to understand the world around us and the place we occupy it. From the theories of ancient Greek astronomers to modern space telescopes, in this show we will retrace the steps marked by man in universe knoweldge.
Age: from 11 years

Theofanis Matsopoulos & European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Vita e Morte di una Stella

vita e morta di una stella

(Show 2D Live) – NOVITA’
Man has always been fascinated by the spectacle of the starry sky. But what is a star really? How long will our Sun shine? Today the study of light coming from the stars has allowed us to answer these and many other questions. In a fascinating journey through space and time we will learn to orient ourselves in the sky using the constellations, we will distinguish the different types of stars that populate the universe and we will discover how a star is born, lives and dies!
Age: from 11 years 

Written by: Alessandro Amabile
Production: Città della Scienza

Mondi Lontani: La Ricerca di Pianeti Extrasolari

pianeti extrasolari

(Show 2D Preregistrato) - NEW
In recent years the search for planets that orbit around stars other than our Sun has had an unprecedented surge. Today we know that planetary systems similar to ours are the norm rather than the exception, and the study of extrasolar planets has become the main way to try to answer a fundamental question: does extraterrestrial life exist? In this show we will discover the latest developments and future perspectives of the incredible hunt for the secrets of these distant worlds.
Age: for all

Production: Verkehrshaus Planetarium in collaboration with NCCR PlanetS and European Southern Observatory (ESO)

• Come 10 minutes before the time scheduled of the show. in case of delay it can not be guaranteed the access to the show;
• Duration of the show: 30 minutes;
• 3D shows are for children over 8 years;
• The animals are not admitted;
• Eating is not allowed;
• Use of mobile phone during shows is not allowed.

Planetario 3D di Città della Scienza - esterni