ReporTeenSchool is the first laboratory of television journalism for youngsters, promoted by Città della Scienza and the Regional School Office of Campania, sponsored by Wind.

An innovative tool for training that combines journalism and new media, aimed to make the youngsters and the world of education the new protagonists of information. With this project Città della Scienza is enriched with new contents, entirely dedicated to young people and to the world of information, with the aim to create a process of literacy of television’s language, to offer students technical tools for making television news; to develop a more aware communication, able to select quality and content in the sea of ​​information that characterizes the global era.

Specifically, ReporTeenSchool is divided into an educational section in which, thanks to the contribution of television journalists and experts under the guidance of ReporTeenSchool’s Director, Mr Massimo Ravel, the students will learn techniques and specific skills to each stage of the editorial process; and in a production section, where students will give life to the journalistic content of ReporTeen: television programs, newscasts, with a special attention to everything that concerns the world of school and teens.