ACQUE. The future is in the ocean

aquae il futuro degli oceani

Aquae. The future is in the ocean is a scientific exhibition that presents the public with a path full of interactive experiences on the most important issues related to the sea, oceanography and related technologies.
Our planet, seen from space, appears as a large blue sphere. In spite of its name, in fact, 71% of the Earth is covered by the oceans, which perform essential functions for our survival. They regulate the climate, host an incredible biodiversity, provide livelihoods for millions of people and carry 80% of world trade.
Today the sea and its depths constitute a field of investigation and study of great scientific importance not only for the present, but above all for the future, in which the role of the ocean will become increasingly decisive for the conditions of growth and development of all humanity.
The exhibition aims to describe the main characteristics of the marine environment, with particular attention to the use and conservation of its resources for sustainable development.
It makes use of experiments, scientific equipment, scale models, video installations and suggestive images, to accompany the public on a journey to discover the oceans.

AQUAE. Il futuro è nell'oceano

In particular, the first section of the exhibition presents the general themes related to the sea: geographical, physical, chemical and biological aspects. A little light is shed on an environment that until the middle of the last century was almost unknown: that of the ocean floor. Interactive exhibits and videos help answer questions such as: How do waves and currents form? What is the link between the sea and the planet’s climate? What is the biological engine of the sea?

The second part of the exhibition illustrates the relationship between man and the sea: the oceans have always been an invaluable resource for our species. Today science and technology are engaged in the search for new methods for the sustainable use of the many resources that the sea offers us and at the same time they are developing strategies to monitor and preserve the marine environment from the effects of human impact. The last part of the exhibition is dedicated to the research carried out by various institutes and numerous structures of the Cnr that deal with the sea and navigation. It also represents a moment of reflection to understand how the future and the protection of the oceans also depend on us, on our behavior and on the policies that our governments and industries decide to adopt.

Organized by the National Research Council_Communication Unit

CNR – Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies
CNR – Institute of Marine Sciences
CNR – Institute for the study of Anthropic Impacts and Sustainability in the marine environment
CNR – Institute of Polar Sciences
CNR – Institute of Marine Engineering

The period of stay of the AQUAE exhibition. The Future is in the Ocean is from November 22, 2022 to April 2, 2023