Antarctica mission. 35 years of Italian mission in the extreme continent


Organized by the National Research Program in Antarctica

The exhibition of the 35 years of the National Research Program in Antarctica – PNRA aims to raise awareness of the uniqueness of the seventh continent and retrace the fundamental stages of the Italian presence in Antarctica, highlighting the most important scientific and logistical results obtained, the difficulties overcome and future goals of the PNRA.

The exhibition path begins with the description of the historical, legal and institutional elements within which the Program was born and developed. The visitor finds a general introduction to the geography of Antarctica and a reference to the events that preceded the birth of the PNRA and Italy’s participation in the Antarctic Treaty System.
An area is dedicated to illustrating the training in Italy of personnel participating in the Polar Expedition and setting up a typical remote polar field.

Emperor penguins

The exhibition then continues with the description of the logistical and scientific activities of the PNRA in its 35 years of life. Several areas are dedicated to scientific activities conducted in Antarctica by Italy, divided into 5 fundamental scientific themes (Biodiversity, Paleoclimate, Global Changes, Geology, Space).

Numerous display cases along the route then display past and recent Antarctic finds (logbooks of the first explorers, biological finds of Antarctic animals, meteorites and Antarctic rocks …) together with various instruments created for polar research.

At the end of the tour, the visitor will be able to admire some beautiful shots of 3 famous scientific-naturalist photographers of Antarctica (Nicklen, Palozzi, Sacchetti).