Children’s Workshop


(The Children’s Workshop will reopen soon)

Children’s workshop is the place dedicated to the world of childhood where several activities, meetings and events are realized during the whole year. Città della Scienza has always been paying attention to children since 1996 by offering proper programs and activities according to the needs of target ages. The new children’s workshop (0 – 11 years) is now open covering a surface of 500 square metres indoor aside from an outdoor garden.

Me and others

An area dedicated to the comparison between child’s self and others starting from their own bodies. A space where children perceive the difference with others through playing . The exhibition “Rewind” is an exhibition focused on cross-cultural issues allows children to compare and know the world especially how children of other countries live and play. Interacting with exhibits, children experience the world around them, observe reality and get tools to move from observation of phenomena to knowledge and interpretation, that is “doing science.”


Children can do workshops with clay and recycled materials, as well as scientific experiments.


This area is dedicated to nature and the living world in close connection with the contents of the outdoor garden, a special place and occasion for children to explore and be in contact with nature. Workshops’ on nature include simple tasks of sample collection, analysis, interpretation of natural phenomena, and so on… using live animals and plants; microscopes; chemical reagents; educational software. Around the Garden there are outdoor areas where children can combine the pleasure of being open-air and educational opportunities while having fun.