Naples, a wonderful capital of the Mediterranean, was one of the “Magna Grecia” poleis and so it was historically an ancient crossroads between cultures. Since then, the link between Naples and the Mediterranean has been one of multiculturalism and ethnic, religious and cultural pluralism. Today Naples is considered one of the most vibrant cities in Europe , known for its cultural life and lifestyle, mixing both tradition and innovation.

View of Naples · Italy

Established in 1987, Città della Scienza realised in 2001 the first Italian Science Centre in the Western area of Naples, creating an innovation pole dedicated to the dissemination of scientific and technological culture, as well as to the innovation of the educational and business systems.
One of the main values of Città della Scienza is to set up a new form of scientific citizenship, bridging the gap between science and society.
Active at the local, national and international levels, Città della Scienza combines an articulated system of functions: the Science Centre, the Business Innovation Centre, the D.RE.A.M. Fablab, the Advanced Training Centre, and the Convention Centre.
The Science Centre includes Corporea, the museum of human body and health sciences, it is a building of 5,000 m2 comprising of permanent exhibitions, educational labs, an area for start-ups in the fields of biotechnology and biomedicine, a training centre, in addition to a new generation planetarium, with a large dome for a 3D educational show about astronomy and other scientific topics. It also includes a permanent exhibition on the sea, marine environment and research; the Children’s Workshop and a Biodiversity Garden with an open area on the Mediterranean diet, food education and health care. It hosts laboratories for science education and ICT related educational programmes (STEAM, robotics, coding and digital fabrication), a web TV studio and a science theatre.

A panoramic view of Città della Scienza’s  Corporea and the 3D Planetarium

The Business Innovation Centre, dedicated to the development of innovative enterprises, start-ups and spin-offs; BIC, is one of the most advanced centres in southern Italy. A space where technological innovation and scientific research are the driving engine for the creation of all activities realised inside the centre. It consists of 35 spaces where innovative companies are offered spaces and specialised services in order to foster their business.
The Design and Research on Advanced Manufacturing (D.RE.A.M.), is an advanced design and digital fabrication Fab Lab. It is also a platform for the development of new skills and innovative companies in the sector of digital fabrication. The current main specialisations are: biomedicine, exhibitions and cultural assets, design & fashion, and architecture and building.
The Advanced Training Centre is a training centre for non-academic education and for professionals and innovative job development. Training activities are realised in connection with the regional and national system of research and university-level education.
The Convention Centre, with a wide and complex system of rooms, halls and areas, with a total capacity of about 2,000 seats, is composed of 13 different rooms with variable capacities (10 -1000 seats).

Città della Scienza