Are you looking for an Iranian partner for your next project? Do you want to promote your skills in Iran? Are you looking for an Iranian partner interested in using the technologies you develop?

Register now the profile of your company or your search group on the ITALYmatchmaking. platform.

In this way, you will have access to a personal account through which you can present your cooperation projects, identify Iranian projects and partners of your interest, request support for organizing your one-to-one meetings, and build more successful your partnerships.

With the aim of organizing the Iran-Iran cooperation program and the activities of the International Center for Technology Transfer, Città della Scienza  has equipped the ITALYmatchmaking technology patform to facilitate the meeting between Italian and Iranian organizations and follow the possible follow up.

The ITALYmatchmaking platform allows you to:

– create an “organization” profile as a showcase for presenting their activities and areas of interest

– present one owns cooperation projects

– navigate among the projects presented on the platform in search of new potential partners

– sign up for international cooperation forums promoted and organized by Città della Scienza

ITALYmatchmaking can therefore consistently support the search for potential partners, to verify the scientific and professional affinities between co-operation profiles, to schedule one-to-one meetings between stakeholders and the follow-up actions necessary to activate and develop collaboration.

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