A new era of scientific and technological relations between Italy and Iran opened.

A scenario which has contributed to the creation of new opportunities for Italian and Iranian research institutions, universities and innovative companies.

The aim of the program is the development of a permanent platform which enables universities, research centers and enterprises with a strong innovative impact to realize a constant exchange, throughout the year, in order to implement the scientific and technological cooperation between the two countries.

The focus of these activities is the Iran-Italy Innovation Forum – created on the wake of the great success of the Chinese model of the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Forum, a multi-year government program dedicated to the internationalization of research and innovation systems and the scientific and technological exchange between the world of Italian and Iranian research and companies.

The Forum is organized once a year, alternately in Italy and Iran, and brings together all the parties involved, through the organization of an institutional event to encourage the dialogue on innovation and create opportunities for one-to-one meetings between Italians and Iranians in order to foster the building of technology, productive and commercial partnerships.