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Comfortably Thumb is the result of an applied research focusing on the design research of geometric strategies able to inhibit harmful bodily configurations. The final result represents the deep symbiosis between digital modeling and rapid prototyping.


The accuracy of the industrial robotic arms KUKA joined with the possibility of merging composite materials opens up new possibilities for digital manufacturing in several fields. It is possible to produce architectural elements with an epoxy resin matrix reinforced with continuous carbon fiber. The resin and the fiber dosage is operated by an electromechanical 3D printing system.


It is an electro-mechanical hand controlled by electromyographic signal (EMG). The production process started with the scanning of a forearm and then moved to the 3D reconstruction of the model and the design of the hand. The implementation of the electronics allowes the movement of the fingers and, thanks to the reading of the signals, the control happens via electrodes.


MAXXI is designed to expand the use of 3D printing additive technology and FDM Rapid Prototyping technique, combining the use of an extruder and a KUKA anthropomorphic robotic arm. The extruder is designed starting from the consistent design constraint in the specific use of bio-based plastic materials, such as PLA.