Città della Scienza participates in these days at the Shanghai Science Festival 2019 (15 – 26 May).

Città della Scienza, participates in these days at the Shanghai Science Festival 2019 (15 – 26 May).

Founded in 1991, Shanghai Science Festival is one of the main events in the city of Shanghai, the first and largest science festival sponsored by the Chinese government.

In the foreground of the Shanghai Science Festival is the International exhibition, a sharing event and a networking platform that brings together the leading international experts in the field in order to develop common perspectives on global scientific challenges. The exhibition entitled “Linkage Development of the Science Festival from a Global Perspective” is hosted by the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.
An extremely prestigious recognition for Città della Scienza is the fact that among the international experts invited by the Organizing Committee of the International Exhibition there is the Director of the Science Center of Città della Scienza Luigi Amodio who presented Futuroremoto’s thirty-year experience.

Luigi Amodio commented from Shanghai ”it was a very interesting experience that demonstrates China’s extraordinary advances also in the field of scientific communication that involves millions of visitors every year. We also have a lot to learn”

Festival della Scienza di Shanghai 2019

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