Artico Exhibition: an interactive journey to the North Pole, from September 29th

From September 29th to December 10 th, 2017 at Città della Scienza there will be Artico Exhibition. An interactive journey to the North Pole.

CNR’s exhibition guides the audience with the discovery of the Arctic, its peculiarities and phenomena observed through physical and multimedia installations, interactive experiments, scientific equipment, scale reconstructions, exciting documents, objects and images.

The exhibition is divided into four areas:

  • Arctic in the global system that illustrates the geographical features of the Arctic, the populations that inhabit it and the history of Arctic explorations;
  • Research to observe and understand the Arctic system which presents the main research activities that Italy conducts in Arctic and in particular in Ny Ålesund, in the Svalbard Islands, where Cnr manages the “Dirigibile Italia” research station;
  • Vulnerability and Resilience, a section dealing with arctic ecosystem issues such as chemical pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, and the risks associated with degradation of permafrost;
  • The Governance of the Arctic describing the organizational structure of international organizations, including Italy, which manages the scientific and political programming in Arctic.

Climate change today represents a crucial challenge for the future of the Earth System and the Arctic is the region of the planet where these manifest themselves more quickly than elsewhere, so it can be considered a great natural laboratory to study these processes, with implications for economic, social and geopolitical terms that go far beyond its borders.

The exhibition was conceived and realized by:

CNR – Department of Earth Sciences and Environmental Technologies

CNR – Directorate General Information Communication Office and Urp

CNR – Institute of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

CNR – Institute for Didactic Technologies

The Neapolitan stage is organized by the CNR – Directorate General Information Communication Office and Urp in collaboration with Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza.


September 29th to December 10th, 2017

Tuesday – Saturday 9 to 5 pm
Sunday and holidays 10 am  – 6 pm
Monday closing


Città della Scienza
Coroglio street, 57
80124 Naples


primary and secondary school  (7 ai 18 years)

Booking: Contact Centre di Città della Scienza

ph: +39 081 7352.220/222

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