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The Science Centre of Città della Scienza is the first Italian interactive science museum, a place for experimentation, learning, entertaining; to meeting and to build a constructive dialogue with science and technology.  Science centres are very popular in Europe (where network ECSITE includes about 450) and in the world. They are places to visit, to learn about science places of cultural tourism, whose exhibition philosophy is based on interactivity and direct natural phenomena and technologies experimentation.

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Virtual exhibition: PASSION VIRAL

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Città della Scienza’s Science Centre is an important tool for education and dissemination of scientific culture through exhibitions, meetings with scientists, campaigns and activities to promote science and technology, projects connecting science and society at national, European and international dimension .

Science Centre’s exhibition area is made up by:

  • Corporea, Human Body Museum

  • Planetarium

Science Centre offers the following laboratories:

  • GNAM, the Village of Mediterranean Diet and Biodiversity

  • Classrooms, Children FabLab, Reporteen School

By 2020 the new Science Centre of Città della Scienza – 10.000 sqm displaying interactive exhibits, exhibitions, scientific labs – will be the biggest scientific and interactive museum of Italy and one of most important in Europe, having a leading role in the international context.

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We remember that the payment of the ticket only guarantees the entrance to the exhibition areas of the Science Centre. All activities proposed by Città della Scienza (guided tours, workshops, Bug&Co, conferences and meetings, etc.) are free and available by booking and accessible by appointment if necessary and in any case on the basis of availability of seats.

Bracelet, you got with the ticket,  allows access to the exhibitions and buildings of Città della Scienza; should be visible during the whole stay otherwise access is no longer allowed.

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