The Teachers Club

The Teachers’ Club: one more way to be real protagonists at Città della Scienza!

Our Teachers’ Club, which gathers thousands of members throughout Italy, was opened in 2004 and represents the best tool to be always in contact with Città della Scienza and participate in its activities. Registration is free and it is open to all school operators.

Club members of Teachers shall enjoy the following benefits:

  • free admission to Science Centre
  • expert advice on education and training for the development of projects and initiatives
  • electronic submission of the catalog of educational proposals of the Science Centre at the beginning of each new school year
  • electronic newsletter of the Club to receive regular information on special initiatives and events of particular importance
  • Invitation preview at events and exhibitions.

The Club of Teachers – in addition to regularly inform its members on our many activities – involves them actively in meetings and deepening of scientific and educational important issues in the design of new educational proposals, but also in the design of the new Science center, because the supply of Città della Scienza corresponds ever more closely to the real needs of the Italian school.

Join now, it’s free!

To be part of the Teachers Club  just fill out the online registration form.

You can immediately print the new card  received  on your email inbox. Also to all our members we ask you to fill in and send the form to update the data in our possession.

Contact Person

Riccarda d’Onofrio
Contact Centre
+39 081.7352 220