A KiiCS guide on how produce innovation by mixing arts and science

KiiCS has been gathering scientists, technologists, artists, designers and business man from all over Europe to work together, mixing science and art, develop ideas on business.

During the project, KiiCS partners have defined modules of incubation developed around several scientific themes such as smart cities, sustainable fashion, urban mobility, music, neuroscience and biotechnology.

Some of them have been selected as winners of the European KiiCS Award.

KiiCS want to encourage people, and especially young people, to begin scientific activities, and increase their interest in science and technology in order to generate more work and business.

This guide is a useful tool to define the necessary steps to promote the activities of incubation.

This toolkit is the final product of KiiCS project. It’ s available for free and can be used to promote and develop processes of incubation between science, art and creative sectors and offer advice, obtained from the experience took place.

This toolkit is available in 8 different languages


KiiCS Toolkit
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