EXIT Exhibition Team


Exhibition Team Exit is the business area of the Science Centre for the design and manufacture of exhibits.

Exit is the way for designing exhibits more and more in line with the technological evolution of museums tendencies, in order to generate curiosity,  expectation and desire for discovery in visitors; exhibits are planned to renew or get rich over time, to enhance the work done with the experiments of CdS 2.0 project in terms of sensors and interaction with the public. Exhibition Team of Città della Scienza – actively involved in the new Science Centre project – promotes the exhibit of Città della Scienza like for example Corporea, Sea and Gnam Village.

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CORPOREA | travelling is an exhibition entirely devoted to the acquisition of knowledge about human body and about different themes related to health, prevention, biomedical science and technology. The exhibition is meant to be enjoyed by different age groups. It aims at offering an holistic approach to human body, conceived as a complex, delicate, balanced and dynamic organism, whose main interactive systems ensure its reliable functioning. The visit is articulated in 9 thematic islands, each of which is dedicated to a different organic system. Visitors can give themselves a challenge and experience personally some relevant, complex phenomena concerning human body by the means of interactive exhibits, augmented reality, virtual and physical games, multimedia experiences and workshops. The path starts with an installation related to the themes of health and well-being, analysed as specific elements that distinguish man from the rest of animal kingdom. A brief description of the other thematic islands is hereby provided.

Corporea Travelling

Exit is working on the design of an interactive exhibition on the bycycle, analyzed not only as a fundamental means of locomotion, but also from the historical , physical, environmental, social point of view. The exhibition is realized in partnership with the Bloomfield Museum in Jerusalem, the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Science Centre Universum of Brema. The exhibition will be inaugurated in Jerusalem, in 2017, on the occasion of the bicentenary of the invention of the bicycle, and will display in Naples in 2019.

La Bicicletta

Italy and Iran are working together on cooperation activities on issues of science and technology. Città della Scienza, encouraged by Iranian government, is promoting the design and construction of the Kids Science Park in Tehran, a dedicated thematic science park to children focused on the exploration of the theme “from the infinitely large to the infinitely small”, through different thematic areas to enhance the dissemination of scientific culture combining education and entertainment.

Kids Park

Format of food and wine culture designed to combine the concept of travel with that of food and taste. The exhibition includes  a  workstation where taste and technology create a show made of sounds, smells, sensations and images; a show is divided into a narration where visitors, with video support, spoken voices, three-dimensional effects, have the possibility to understand the birth and development of quality products from Campania Region; a search engine, on-line and off line, about  Mediterranean Diet that will index Over 3000 terms in Italian, English and Chinese.


Viaggio da Gustare