The great exhibition about the Sea is constantly renewing with exhibits, virtual installations and new tanks. Concerning these last  ones, visitors will find a spectacular tropical tank, with all the fishes that were used as characters in the Nemo movies. Concerning the Mediterranean species, several species of crustaceans will be hosted in a rocky ecosystem, while a lively moray will show all her beauty between roman style amphorae.

Besides the real tanks, a multimedia device will allow kids to draw and color their own fish which will be then scanned released into a virtual aquarium, where it will interact with all the animals created by other visitors. Close by, a new hall is dedicated to the creatures of the deep ocean floors with spectacular real size reproductions, audio and videos about their ecology. An old fashioned Chroma Key effect will then let kids play on different ocean floors. 

In the section of ​​the exhibition dedicated to marine research, visitors will learn the techniques and technologies currently used by scientists: radar for detecting pollution, geological surveying devices, special buoys to study biodiversity. Among the new interactive exhibits that accompany the exhibition, one, spectacular, it will allow visitors to create a real vortex.

And this is just the beginning: the exhibition will, month after month, get new equipment and research projects.


The sea exhibition has been enriched with new interactive experiences and new scientific contents. All news are in line with Città della Scienza’s philosophy, which allows visitors to learn science through interaction with spectacular and attractive exhibits.

The sonar illustrates in an interactive way the indirect reconstruction of the seabed. With your body you can interact with the device that will detect your position in a specially designed space. Thus it will be possible to deal with both the echo-location of marine mammals and how acoustic waves are currently used to study the seabed.

The new seismograph will be visible in its basic components and will be accompanied by two different screens:  on the largest  the vibrations induced on the ground by your movements will be displayed, while on the second, smaller, you can observe the seismic activity detected in time real from a second seismograph placed in another site.

A spectacular chroma key will project you into the most beautiful sea floor of the planet!

A new VIRTUAL GLOBE with new shows on the theme latest world wide scientific news.

New shows:

  • Biosphere annual cycle
  • Sun
  • Earth without man
  • Earthquakes from 1914 to 2014
globo virtuale

In this exhibit you can shape the sand to form landscapes that, thanks to an interactive projection, take the form of valleys, mountains, plateaus or promontories. In fact, different colors appear, depending on the height of the reliefs, and the level curves. It is possible to model known landscapes, such as the Gulf of Naples, the Venetian lagoon, etc. On these reliefs you can raise and lower the sea level, thus simulating the effects due to climate change or make it rain and see how the territory created in this way reacts to intense and sudden rainfall. It is an opportunity to face the relationship between our territory and the hydro-geological instability to which we have submitted it for years.


logo-RegCampania-alta-definizioneExhibition is realized thanks to technical and econominc support of Campania Region – Agriculture Department