(The exhibit will reopen soon)

The great exhibition about the Sea is constantly renewing with exhibits, virtual installations and new tanks. Concerning these last  ones, visitors will find a spectacular tropical tank, with all the fishes that were used as characters in the Nemo movies. Concerning the Mediterranean species, several species of crustaceans will be hosted in a rocky ecosystem, while a lively moray will show all her beauty between roman style amphorae.

Besides the real tanks, a multimedia device will allow kids to draw and color their own fish which will be then scanned released into a virtual aquarium, where it will interact with all the animals created by other visitors. Close by, a new hall is dedicated to the creatures of the deep ocean floors with spectacular real size reproductions, audio and videos about their ecology. An old fashioned Chroma Key effect will then let kids play on different ocean floors. 

In the section of ​​the exhibition dedicated to marine research, visitors will learn the techniques and technologies currently used by scientists: radar for detecting pollution, geological surveying devices, special buoys to study biodiversity. Among the new interactive exhibits that accompany the exhibition, one, spectacular, it will allow visitors to create a real vortex.

And this is just the beginning: the exhibition will, month after month, get new equipment and research projects.

logo-RegCampania-alta-definizioneThe exhibit is made with the technical and financial support from Campania Region – Agriculture Department