Business Innovation Centre


 Business Innovation Centre (BIC) is the operative tool of Città della Scienza to promote a new model of sustainable development based on the economy of knoweldge aiming at reindustrialization of Naples, Campania Region and South Italy.

Business Innovation Center uses an “open-door” business approach that fosters a business culture based on collaboration and “social trust“. The  presence of innovative actors, highly specialized and organized such a spinneret and  is a constant source of relationships and exchanges of information, ideas, skills, contacts and contributes to creating a particularly stimulating, creative, open and receptive environment. Continuous monitoring and updating activity on calls intensifies access opportunities to business awards. BIC hosts  numerous events, thematic training sessions and training on topics of interest to startups and businesses (new technologies, finance, alerts and announcements, etc.). Each year, BIC is also a destination for visits by institutional, local and national representatives, as well as foreign delegations, both diplomatic and entrepreneurial.

BIC – since 2003 gets  EU|BIC quality brand is member of EBN European Business Network, representing Italy in the Board of Directors – is one of the sides of the triangle of knoweldge of Città della  Scienza working in a multifunctional structure:

Internationalization Office

Città della Scienza is the technical partner of the Ministry of Education, University and Research for Internationalization Programs of the Italian Research and Innovation System in China and Iran.

International technological Transfer Centre 

The BIC area dedicated to the management and valorisation of activities related to technology transfer.

Scouting and Opportunities 

Operational unit which deals with the identification of international, national and regional funding opportunities and the drafting of project proposals.

Training Centre 

Meeting point between the world of research and the university on the one hand and the world of business and professions on the other.

Services supporting companies

Customized pathways and solutions for companies to meet the specific needs of creating and developing new business ideas with a technological vocation.

D.RE.A.M. FabLab

A large laboratory / workshop and experimental center dedicated to new digital manufacturing technologies, computational design, health accessibility and innovation in production and distribution processes.

Factory of knoweldge (AIC) for post-incubation

The first center of post-incubation of Central-South Italy and the first nucleus of the new knowledge-based industrial district of Bagnoli.

 BIC acts in sinergy with Campania NewSteel, the first certified incubator of the Mezzogiorno set up by the Città della Scienza and the University of Naples “Federico II” for all activities related to business creation and its acceleration.

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