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The Business Innovation Centre (BIC) is the strategic area of Città della Scienza, focused at promoting a new paradigm of sustainable development based on the knowledge’s economy, with the specific aim of contribute to the re-industrialization of the Metropolitan City of Naples, of Campania Region and of Southern Italy.

BIC – that has the EU|BIC quality brand since 2003 and it is a member of the European BIC Network (EBN), representing the Board of Directors Italian BIC – manages the largest incubation area located in Campania region, the only one offering a complete system of space and specialized services – as coworking mode and/or customized – for the creation and development of new business ideas based on the exploitation of innovative technologies.

Spaces and services to promote startups

Inside an area of 4,000 square meters divided into 37 modules, the Incubator hosts startups, spin-off and re-startups, organized like clusters operating in the following sectors: New Generation ICT, Creative Industries, Manufacturing 4.0, Smart cities and Green Economy, Bio-economy and Blue growth. Moreover, specialized laboratories are present in the incubation area, promoting concrete collaborations among startup, SMEs, large companies, universities and research centers and thus triggering activities of Open Innovation. In the last years, Città della Scienza Incubator – awarded in 2008 as the Best Science – Based Incubator of Europe – have been contributing to the creation of about 150 innovative companies, which have a survival rate over the third year greater than 85%.

Campania NewSteel Incubator

In 2016, Città della Scienza and the University of the Studies of Naples Federico II constituted a new incubator Campania NewSteel, with the priority aim of enhancing the attractiveness towards innovative startups and to strengthen the link with public and private investors, able to accelerate the professional growth paths.

Area Industria della Conoscenza (AIC), post-incubation center

The incubation path has been recently enriched with a new asset: Area Industria della Conoscenza (AIC), the first center of post-incubation of the center-south Italy and the first nucleus of the new Industrial District of Bagnoli.

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Our partners

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Mariano Iadanza, Executive Manager
Luca Simeone, Project Manager

Professional Training Centre
Antonio Nastri, Training Executive Coordinator

International Centre for Technological Transfer
Mario Raffa, Scientific Director

Chiara Maiorino, Operative Coordinator


BIC – Business Innovation Centre is an informative hub about calls, opportunities, events for startups and enterprises.

Desk: Incubator, from monday to friday  9:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2.30 pm to 4:30.
Offices are open from monday to friday 9 am – 2 pm and 2.30 – 5.30 pm.
Ph: +39 081.7352.402/435