Area Industria della Conoscenza (AIC) Post-incubation center


The Area Industria della Conoscenza – AIC is the first post-incubation center of Central and Southern Italy and the first nucleus of the new industrial knowledge-based district of Bagnoli.

Founded in 2014 on the initiative of the Città della Scienza and Consortium Area Tech Coroglio, AIC is located in a modern building of about 3,000 square meters in via Diocleziano, around one kilometer close to Città della Scienza, in the heart of Fuorigrotta / Bagnoli, an area with a strong scientific and industrial vocation.

The Centre hosts 20 innovative SMEs, highly internationalized, which have successfully been incubated in Città della Scienza, with a total turnover of around 40 million euro, about 350 employees and more than twenty patents.

The mission of AIC – created with private funds only -, is to build an innovative industrial district, with zero ecological impact, starting from the first nucleus of via Diocleziano, helping to bring back skilled job and economic development in the Phlegrean Fields.

With this initiative, the virtuous cycle which underlies Città della Scienza – dissemination of scientific knowledge, education, business creation, industrial development – is completed and spotlights on another great resource of the area are lighted up, beside tourism: the huge “knowledge reservoirs” which they are schools, universities, research centers and many production companies.

Tel: +39 081.7352.402/415

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Le imprese dell’Area Industria della Conoscenza